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Cet article est une traduction de l'article précédemment écrit par Natsumi. L'article français est par ici. // This article is the English translation of a previous article written by Natsumi : here is the French article.


Hello everyone!

Today we're following the release of the Archangel trailer by Acavyos, which you all seemed very enthusiastic about: in order to discover more about the creator of this project, here is an exclusive interview given for Mass Effect Saga.

- Can you present yourself to our community?

I've been a great Mass Effect fan from day one and have always had a huge interest and dreams about a possible career in filmmaking. I'm a cheerful person who likes to browse through lots and lots of ME related fanart on deviantArt.com for hours. I like watching funny videos and parodies on Youtube. I don't like to put too much emphasis on my own person but rather on my video projects. I like playing various video games and to jabber with my friends about games and ME in particular all day long.

- What is your story with Mass Effect?

I've first found out about the video game when I accidentally stumbled upon the book "Mass Effect: Revelations" in the bookstore. I was instantly intrigued by it; that was in april 2008, shortly before the release of ME1. After finishing the book within two days,I knew  the game was a MUST HAVE. So on the release date, after work, I ran to the next video game store, only 10 minutes before all shops would close and got my copy of Mass Effect. I've been a great fan ever since and played all the games with great joy. Mass Effect 2 is among my top five games of all times. I had my first experience with a Bioware game when I played Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic in 2003, which is also among my top five video games of all times; although they didn't surpass the story telling quality of KotOR in Mass Effect, they've created a vast and rich new universe which enthralled me completely! I especially love the unique and incredibly well written squadmembers who give Mass Effect a soul and elevate these games above so many other games.

- What do you like in Garrus' character?

I liked Garrus from the very beginning. In ME1 I always picked him and Tali in my squad. I especially like the fact that his character developed from a young disillusioned C-Sec detective to a brave and resolute vigilante who gives up his calm safe life on the Citadel to fight injustice on Omega. It really impressed me and I instantly knew who Archangel was when I first heard the Illusive Man mentioning him :D There is a slight "mentor and apprentice" relationship between Shepard and him in ME1 and in ME2; in ME3 he is your best friend. Garrus always has your back and understands all your decisions, whether they are paragon or renegade. I couldn't think of a better bromance! (well, romance as well, of course he was the first choice in my Femshep playthrough).

- How did you get the idea of creating "Archangel"? What are your motivations?

I always wanted to  contribute to the massive Mass Effect fandom so I created the "Garrus Vakarian - The Dark Knight of Omega" video in 2011. This video marked the beginning of my Youtube presence. After creating lots of smaller parodies for my "Mass Deffect" series and a very popular video regarding the Indoctrination Theory, I've decided to put all my focus and efforts on creating a full feature length fan-film. Although i first planned on starting with the First Contact War, I couldn't help myself but keep dreaming about an Archangel film and when I managed to get that idea into a full script, I knew I had to make that film first! So I've spent lots of months learning how to use new software and planning many different aspects of the film to guarantee a high-quality result. Of course I feel extremely happy about all the excited fans who are eagerly anticipating this fan-film; but I'm creating this fanfilm for me first and foremost, because i love Garrus, Mass Effect and filmmaking so much. I wished there already was a good film about Archangel, but there isn't, so I'm taking matters in my own hands. I've finished the plot of Archangel before the release of the ME:Homeworlds comic that covers Garrus' story as Archangel and to be honest I'm no fan of it. My fan-film will have nothing to do with it, it is not intended to be canon, it's intended to be entertaining and to give Archangel the great recognition and story that he deserves.

- What are the techniques you employ to make the movie?

I'm using various new editing and recording software as well as complicated techniques to achieve the best looking result. I'm also a great movie fan and I think I have a solid understanding of what a professional and entertaining movie should look like.

- Will it be a short film or a feature film?

It will be a full feature length fan-film and I'll give away a little detail about Archangel: This film will only be the beginning of his story in the Terminus Systems ;-)

- What kind of help do you need to finish your project?

I'm looking for:
- Music composers : The soundtrack style will be similiar to that of Mass Effect, Far Cry 3 & Deus Ex Human Revolution, with an overall dark electro tone. The most important part of the soundtrack is of course the main theme!  Unfortunately Garrus has no real theme in the Mass Effect games, a little bit of combat music at best, but nothing that deserves to be called "Garrus' Theme". What do you think would be an awesome, epic and unique main theme for Archangel?

- Voice actors: I'm looking for these voices:
Males :
Garrus Vakarian (somebody who sounds similar just in case I can't win over Brandon Keener for this fanfilm)
Vazar (Turian 29y.), He is cold, calculating, calm & intimidating
Krogan (35-55y.)
Batarian (40-50y.)
Turians (25-45y.)
Salarians (25 - 45y.)
Old noble Turian (50-75y.)
Vorcha (adult)
Human (25-40y.)

Old noble Asari (40-65.)
Asari (25-35y.)
Very young Asari (5-7y.)
Turian (25-40y.)
Old noble Turian (50-65y.)
Quarian (25-30y.)
Vorcha (adult)
Salarian (25-40y.)
Human (25-40y.)

You are free to send me a demo reel if you are interested in participating in this huge fanfilm as a voice actor. Be aware that this fanfilm is 100 % NON-PROFIT, so nobody (not even Garrus) will get a single penny.

Although I've worked with a music composer before on my Mass Effect: A Hero's Rising video that is hosted by Machinima.com, this will be the first time that I work with a variety of different people like voice actors, writers for the dialogues and music composers. It's challenging to organise and manage things, but I'm grateful for every kind of experience that I gain while working with all these talented people. I was surprised how many responses I received when I first announced in the teaser trailer that I'm looking for talented people. I'm very thankful for everybody who spreads the word about this project so many Mass Effect fans will be hopefully able to enjoy the final product. There isn't much else I need help with beyond that. I like the fact that I'm taking care of all the rest, like creating 3d models and animating them, writing the story and screenplay, recording scenes, editing video and audio files and creating the final arrangements as well as trailers and wallpapers. All this work is great fun to me: it is the journey that I even value more than the destination: the finished fan-film.

- And to finish, what are your future projects?

I plan on creating two more feature length fan-films set in the Mass Effect universe called "First Contact War" and "Elysium". The first film will tell the first contact between the System Alliance and the Turian Empire. Starring of that film will be a young David Anderson. While the second film will focus on the "Skyllian Blitz" and on how a young Alliance soldier called Shepard became the great Commander that we all know and love. I hope to gain lots and lots of experience while working on "Archangel" which I will use to create more high-quality fan-films. But after the release of Archangel there will be an unrelated full feature length fan-film set in the Elder Scrolls universe called "Tales of Tamriel - Hunter's Spirit" which is currently also under development but different from the way I create Archangel.

- Thank for your time and good luck for the rest of your projects!


We hope you liked this interview, and that you're even more enthusiastic than before about the Archangel project! If you feel excited about it and you have the means to do it, don't be afraid to take part of the project! Go ahead and apply for any of the positions Acavyos offers.

You can contact him here (either in English or German):
- Deviant Art
- Youtube
- Mail : acavyos@gmx.net

Finally, we are happy to announce that Mass Effect Saga will be making the French subtitles of the film for the French community, in addition to relaying intel around the project. :)

As a final note, here is the next promotional poster for the film:

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